Industrial M2M & IoT 4G Modem Routers

The eSAM and Ultra eSAM are 4G Ethernet modems designed to provide internet connectivity to Ethernet devices. They come with one or two Ethernet ports for wired devices such as meters, security cameras or SCADA equipment, and the Ultra eSAM also includes built in Wi-Fi for Wi-Fi cameras and access points. The Ultra eSAM is fitted with a USB port for USB Upgrading and both modems have a serial RS232 or RS485 port for legacy equipment. Both products are suited for use as industrial or commercial routers, and the Ultra eSAM can also be used as industrial or commercial Wi-Fi routers.

The eSAM is a modem-router, which means it contains both a 4G modem capable of providing cellular data and a router SoC capable of routing packets between computer networks. The eSAM can perform network functions such as Port Forwarding, NAT, Firewalling, VPN and DHCP. The eSAM can connect to any device with Ethernet or Wi-Fi and provide access to the internet. It can also be used to provide a ‘failover’ or backup connection for a residential or commercial internet connection, thereby ensuring that your critical services and equipment don’t experience unnecessary downtime.

Both modems run on embedded Linux and have additional features built into the modem, including GPIO-triggered SMS, Email functionality, Cellular Dialer, Modbus, RTU and other industrial features. They are well suited for application such as SCADA, Modbus, remote monitoring and industrial connectivity. With an industrial temperature range and robust design, the eSAM modems are ideal for providing connectivity to critical equipment and systems.

The eSAM is available with multiple 4G modules. This allows the end user to choose the modem best suited to their performance and frequency band requirements. All mainstream variants of the eSAM run with a minimum of Cat 1 speed, and offer support for at least Bands B1, B3, B5 and B28. This means that the modems are compatible with Telstra’s 4GX network. Variants are available with up to Cat 6 speed (300Mbps Download and 50 Mbps Upload), and with support for many additional bands. All variants also support 3G fallback, which means they can use the 3G network for connectivity if the 4G network is not available.

The eSAM operates from a DC Voltage source, ranging from 4 to 36 VDC. The modem is provided with a 12V power supply and consumes 40mA while idle with a peak consumption of 240mA while it is transmitting. Power is supplied via a 4-pin Micro fit connector. Adapters are also available to power the modem through 12V automotive connectors.

The eSAM is also available with a remote management system, the eSAM Cloud. This system allows you to monitor all your modems remotely through your web browser, allowing you to track their data usage and other key performance statistics. Cloud management greatly simplifies the deployment and monitoring of remote installations and reduces your workload.

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