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The eSAM is a 4G LTE modem designed to provide a single remote device with inter...

intercel eSAM-4G-LTE-Router eSAM-4G-LTE-Router
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75 out of 95 based on 45 user ratings
Stanckgroup - by , April 1, 2011
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Best industrial 4G LTE modem routers manufacturers. it.

The ToughSAM performs data communication functions between a wired Local Area Ne...

intercel ToughSAM ToughSAM
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75 out of 95 based on 45 user ratings
Stanckgroup - by , April 1, 2011
1/ 5stars
Best industrial 4G LTE modem routers manufacturers. it.
Ultra eSAM

Ultra eSAM is a robust 4G Wi-Fi Router for Industrial M2M/IoT applications....

intercel Ultra-eSAM Ultra-eSAM
$625.00 In stock
75 out of 95 based on 45 user ratings
Stanckgroup - by , April 1, 2011
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Best industrial 4G LTE modem routers manufacturers. it.

The Intercel VisionSAM is a versatile outdoor cellular modem router designed wit...

intercel VisionSAM VisionSAM
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75 out of 95 based on 45 user ratings
Stanckgroup - by , April 1, 2011
1/ 5stars
Best industrial 4G LTE modem routers manufacturers. it.

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Product Features

Rich VPN Protocols

Supporting the most commonly used VPN protocols IPsec, PPTP/L2TP client, GRE/IPIP, VPDN, DMVPN and OpenVPN.

Easy to setup VPN tunnel

User friendly GUI allows quick set up and activation of your required VPN protocol.

2G/3G/4G/5G Connectivity

Supporting a range of network cellular connectivity from 2G Data to 5G Applications and Services

Access to Remote

Reliable connection to industrial machines on third-party sites or remote locations. Supports remote system monitoring, remote diagnostics, remote configuration and firmware updates over the air.

Robust Industrial Design

Industrial designed rugged enclosure with IP30 rating to operate in harsh and remote locations

Connection status overview

Real time online/offline connection status of device and features. Cloud service allows remote management, monitoring and device activity health status


M2M & IoT Industrial 4G LTE Modem Routers

The eSAM and Ultra eSAM are Industrial 4G LTE modem routers, Ethernet modems designed to provide internet connectivity to Ethernet devices. They come with one or two Ethernet ports for wired devices such as meters, security cameras, or SCADA equipment, and the Ultra eSAM also includes built-in Wi-Fi for Wi-Fi cameras and access points. The Ultra eSAM is 4g modem routers which are fitted with a USB port for USB Upgrading and both modems have a serial RS232 or RS485 port for legacy equipment. Both products are suited for use as industrial or commercial routers, and the Ultra eSAM can also be used as industrial or commercial Wi-Fi routers.

The eSAM is a modem-router, which means it contains both an Industrial LTE 4G modem routers capable of providing cellular data and a router So capable of routing packets between computer networks. The eSAM can perform network functions such as Port Forwarding, NAT, Firewalling, VPN, and DHCP. The eSAM can connect to any device with Ethernet or Wi-Fi and provide access to the internet. It can also be used to provide a ‘failover’ or backup connection for a residential or commercial internet connection, thereby ensuring that your critical services and equipment don’t experience unnecessary downtime.

Both modems run on embedded Linux and have additional features built into the modem, including GPIO-triggered SMS, Email functionality, Cellular Dialer, Modbus, RTU, and other industrial features. They are well suited for applications such as SCADA, Modbus, remote monitoring, and industrial connectivity. With an industrial temperature range and robust design, the eSAM modems are ideal for providing connectivity to critical equipment and systems.

The eSAM is available with multiple 4G modules. This allows the end-user to choose the modem best suited to their performance and frequency band requirements. All mainstream variants of the eSAM run with a minimum of Cat 1 speed, and offer support for at least Bands B1, B3, B5, and B28. This means that the modems are compatible with Telstra’s 4GX network. Variants are available with up to Cat 6 speed (300Mbps Download and 50 Mbps Upload), and with support for many additional bands. All variants also support 3G fallback, which means they can use the 3G network for connectivity if the 4G network is not available.

The eSAM operates from a DC Voltage source, ranging from 4 to 36 VDC. The modem is provided with a 12V power supply and consumes 40mA while idle with a peak consumption of 240mA while it is transmitting. Power is supplied via a 4-pin Micro fit connector. Adapters are also available to power the modem through 12V automotive connectors.

The eSAM is also available with a remote management system, the eSAM Cloud. This system allows you to monitor all your modems remotely through your web browser, allowing you to track their data usage and other key performance statistics. Cloud management greatly simplifies the deployment and monitoring of remote installations and reduces your workload.

The eSAM and Ultra eSAM are Industrial 4G modem routers designed to provide either Ethernet or Serial connectivity to connected devices using 4G LTE. The modem includes support for Telstra 4GX, which offers an advantage to the eSAM over non-4G modem routers.

IO Options of Industrial 4G LTE Modem Routers

The eSAM is provided with a single 100 Mbps Ethernet port, suited for connecting any Ethernet-enabled device. This includes PLC’s, servers, desktop computers, building management systems, or any other embedded system with networking capability. It is also equipped with an RS-232 connection using a terminal block, which enables remote connectivity for legacy Serial equipment. The modem is also equipped with two GPIO ports, capable of responding to a digital logic level input and providing an output.

The Ultra eSAM is an upgraded version of the eSAM. It has a second Ethernet port allowing a second device to be connected to the eSAM without requiring an extra network switch. The Ultra eSAM also adds Wi-Fi capability, allowing devices to connect to the local network without requiring any cabling. Intercel also contributes to the production of smart home devices also surveillance cameras. This also simplifies maintenance, as it is possible to connect to the local network without needing to modify the completed system to attach your equipment.

The eSAM and Ultra eSAM are also equipped with GPS support. By installing an external antenna, the modem can determine its location anywhere in the world and can then forward this information to our cloud management system. This makes the management of your equipment simpler, as the location of modems is self-documenting.

Industrial 4G LTE Modem Routers 4G Support

All models of the eSAM industrial 4G LTE modem routers support 4G connectivity with 3G fallback. The eSAM is available in variants with Cat 1 or Cat 4 speed, and the Ultra eSAM is available with Cat 3, Cat 4, or Cat 6. Each variant offers a higher maximum speed if your local 4G network has the available capacity to provide it and reception is adequate.

The Cat 1 variant of the eSAM, referred to as the eSAM4Q, supports 4G Band 1 (2100Mhz), Band 3 (1800Mhz), Band 5 (850Mhz), Band 7 (26000Mhz), and Band 28 (700Mhz). This includes support for Telstra’s 4GX (this is a 4GX industrial modem). It also offers 3G fall back to Band 1 (2100Mhz) and Band 8 (900Mhz).

The Cat 4 variant, referred to as the eSAM4QX, supports all the same frequency bands as the Cat 1 variant but adds additional support for Band 8 (900Mhz), Band 40 (2300Mhz), and for 3G Band 5 (850Mhz). This means that the eSAM4QX supports all Australian frequency bands and delivers excellent reception. The addition of 4GX support provides a significant advantage for customers on the Telstra network compared to non-4GX industrial modem routers.

Cat 3, Cat 4, and Cat 6 variants of the Ultra eSAM, referred to as the Ultra eSAM 4W, Ultra eSAM 4QX, and Ultra eSAM 4WX, include support for all Australian frequency bands. They also add support for other bands that are not used in Australia but are used in Europe and other international markets.

All models of the eSAM and Ultra eSAM Industrial 4G modem routers offer excellent reception and have been installed in both urban and rural areas across Australia. For applications with a requirement for higher speed, higher speed variants are offered of both models. For most general applications, a Cat 3 speed is more than enough.

For customers operating on the Telstra network, a 4GX modem router offer a significant improvement on legacy 4G technology. 4GX adds Band 28 (700Mhz), a frequency band that improves the range and performance of devices, especially those in remote areas. Non-4GX industrial modem routers lack these frequency bands, which may impact their reception in rural areas or areas with limited coverage.

Industrial 4G LTE Modem Routers Software Stack

Intercel’s Industrial 4G LTE modem routers are based on Linux. Specifically, they run a variant of the OpenWRT Linux distribution (also referred to as LEDE). This provides a capable and proven core to the modem and provides our port forwarding, TCP/IP, HTTP, and firewall functionality within the modem. On top of this, we have written our own software that adds additional functionality include DTU terminal, SMS functions, 4G functionality, and other core utilities.

These 4GX industrial modems can perform a range of functions, including Port Forwarding, VPN Client, SMS and email notifications, remote device management, and Dynamic DNS. Examples of documents can be downloaded from the product pages. Please contact Intercel for assistance with your specific requirements.

The eSAM can be used as an SMS dialler. This is achieved by sending AT commands to the modem using telnet, over TCP. This could be used, for example, as an SMS dialler within ClearSCADA or similar SCADA software.

Industrial Design

The eSAM is an Industrial 4G LTE modem routers designed to be used in industrial applications. It can function from a wide voltage range of between 5V and 36V DC, which means it can be integrated into a 12V or 24V system without needing its own power supply. It has an IP30 rating and is rated for temperatures from -30C to +70C. This ensures the long-term reliability of the industrial 4g cellular router when it is installed in a remote site and exposed to temperature fluctuations over many years.

The eSAM can be mounted using either the included DIN mount, which can be installed on either side of the modem or with a generic bridle-style mounting mechanism.
Ease of use

Most legacy modems use a serial interface, which means that all configuration needs to be done using either AT commands over serial or using a proprietary application. Because the eSAM is an industrial 4g cellular router rather than simply a cellular modem, it has an onboard HTTP server that enables you to configure the modem in your web browser, much as you would for a conventional router or network switch. This means you can get the modem working faster and without needing to resort to datasheets or AT commands.

The eSAM is designed to be broadly compatible with other Industrial 4g LTE modem routers. This is because the modem uses standardized software solutions like PPTP, OpenVPN, SNMP and SMTP and because it has a full Linux networking stack. This means that the eSAM can be used in place of pre-existed 3G routers with a minimum of compatibility problems.

For more information on the eSAM or Ultra eSAM industrial 4g LTE modem routers, please contact sales@intercel.com.au