4G Modems

Machine to machine communication has undoubtedly revolutionized the way certain industries are working. Whether it is setting up of a remote sensing system, or automation of a process such as a meter reading, the serial communication between DTEs and DCEs have made smooth data transmission possible.

There was a time when enterprises like yours relied on using 3G modems for this transmission. However, with the advent of industrial 4G modems like the Smart SAM4Q of Intercel, the automation processes have been made even smoother.

It is paramount to note that for any 4G modem to establish a machine to machine communication between the 4G modem router and the end-system through the data transmission circuit, not only the design matters, but also the technical abilities come into play.

Our 4G modem such as Smart SAM4Q is just the right option. Let us tell you why.


In remote sensing, security, automation, and health care, if you are to have modems that are capable of transmitting a 4G network from the industrial 4G router to the machines, you need to focus on the design. Our modems—especially the Smart SAM4Q—has a lightweight ABS case that has been conditioned to withstand harsh environments. By deploying them in your serial communication systems, you would have no even a single signal drop-out.

Versatile 4G gateway

The modems come loaded with capabilities facilitate the translation and conversion of various types of digital media protocols for fluent communication. These LTE modems are more than suitable for an easy swap between the 2G, 3G, and LTE networks; therefore, giving you ample opportunity to operate in a variety of networks despite the compatibility of the end-machine.

Versatile functionality

As an individual who has been engaged in the industry of remote data applications, you must know the indispensability of functionality of the DCEs. Our 4G DCEs or modems offer a variety of smooth functionality to all of your remote data collection needs. So, if you are trying to connect any remote sensor—such as used in meter reading—to computing systems or DTEs that could bill the customer, you can rely on the 4G modems of Intercel.

In any way, they are not going to let your systems down and provide you with effective control over the machines and the process. Even if there is a need to intervene in the system, you can do it through the SMS integration it renders users.

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Smart SAM4Q