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4G Modem Routers

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Product Features

Rich VPN Protocols

Supporting the most commonly used VPN protocols IPsec, PPTP/L2TP client, GRE/IPIP, VPDN, DMVPN and OpenVPN.

Easy to setup VPN tunnel

User friendly GUI allows quick set up and activation of your required VPN protocol.

2G/3G/4G/5G Connectivity

Supporting a range of network cellular connectivity from 2G Data to 5G Applications and Services

Access to Remote

Reliable connection to industrial machines on third-party sites or remote locations. Supports remote system monitoring, remote diagnostics, remote configuration and firmware updates over the air.

Robust Industrial Design

Industrial designed rugged enclosure with IP30 rating to operate in harsh and remote locations

Connection status overview

Real time online/offline connection status of device and features. Cloud service allows remote management, monitoring and device activity health status


2G/3G/4G Modem & Routers

2G/3G/4G Modem & Routers only provide you connection with an ISP. However, to route this network to the computers in your enterprise, or to the machines that you are thinking of operating, you’d definitely need a cellular solution in the form of an industrial 2G/3G/4G Modem & Routers.

These gateway modem routers are there to complete the data communication or serial communication cycle so that the machines involved in it could transmit and receive data.

Our 2G/3G/4G Modem & Routers such as Ultra SAM 3TG and eSAM provide this function as per the requirements of your enterprise. We have created commercial-grade 3G modem routers to make a machine-to-machine communication for your enterprise and sufficient – this is our commitment.

Operational Bands Of 2G/3G/4G Modem & Routers

2G/3G/4G Modem & Routers Ultra SAM 3TG and eSAM come with unique capabilities to drive packet data to your machines/computers. The former works on Penta Band while the latter operates on Quad-Band. Both of these bands are suitable for specified functions. Of course, the one-size-fits-all approach cannot work here; so, you’d only have to choose according to your needs.

Web Interface

Both of the 3G industrial LTE routers come with their own user interface applications so that you’re given the ultimate control of the IPs they operate on, the connection up-gradation or descaling, and much more.


If we look at the design of the routers, they can be used in environments where other 3G/4G industrial LTE  routers fail to provide service. In remote sensing, for example, if you wish to have ethernet connectivity or HSPA, you need to have a router that fits the design requirement. Our eSAM is particularly useful in this sense and provides serial communication even in harsh environments.

You wouldn’t need to worry about investing in them again because even our UltaSAM3TG, along with the one stated above, is made by keeping your industrial needs in mind.


The speed of routing is the main driver of efficient communication between the machines you’ve employed. If your 3G industrial LTE routers are not equipped with sufficient capabilities to transmit any LAN or WAN to their utmost limit, you’re done for. All of your investment would be in vain if the routers cannot reach their optimum speed. While other manufacturers compromise on this, we have created industrial 3G modem routers that can touch the speeds of more than 21 Mbps.


Being able to be operated with a wide range of input voltage (10-24 VDC), you can forget about losing them to the electricity.

All you’d have to do is sit back and relax while UltraSAM3TC or eSAM does it work in routing and creating a network amongst your machines and computers for viable M2M communication.