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The Intercel Smart SAM series of modems are well known and used widely wherever ...

intercel Smart-SAM4Q
$395.00 In stock

SAM4 is a Cat 1 LTE Modem designed for M2M, IoT and remote metering applications...

intercel SAM4-T
$395.00 In stock

The eSAM is a 4G LTE modem designed to provide a single remote device with inter...

intercel eSAM-4G-LTE-Router
$550.00 In stock
Ultra eSAM

Ultra eSAM is a robust 4G Wi-Fi Router for Industrial M2M/IoT applications....

intercel Ultra-eSAM
$625.00 In stock

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Product Features

Rich VPN Protocols

Supporting the most commonly used VPN protocols IPsec, PPTP/L2TP client, GRE/IPIP, VPDN, DMVPN and OpenVPN.

Easy to setup VPN tunnel

User friendly GUI allows quick set up and activation of your required VPN protocol.

2G/3G/4G/5G Connectivity

Supporting a range of network cellular connectivity from 2G Data to 5G Applications and Services

Access to Remote

Reliable connection to industrial machines on third-party sites or remote locations. Supports remote system monitoring, remote diagnostics, remote configuration and firmware updates over the air.

Robust Industrial Design

Industrial designed rugged enclosure with IP30 rating to operate in harsh and remote locations

Connection status overview

Real time online/offline connection status of device and features. Cloud service allows remote management, monitoring and device activity health status

 Reshaping business aspects with Industrial Wireless Modems & Routers 

 When machines talk to machines it is called M2M. Many aspects of the business are handled by m2m technology. Either it is communication, transactional affairs, quality, time management, or decision making; all the entities are controlled by machines. The reporting from one end to another end takes place between machines. All these machines require a medium to transfer information and communicate. The medium that helps machines to connect and perform all those activities is known as the M2M router.

Industrial Wireless Modems & Routers

 To ease the transfer of data and increase efficiency by machines in the industry these industrial 4G LTE modem routers are connected to the machines. M2M router does not require any special connection protocols. It is easy to connect machines with routers. No special configuration is needed for the connection. Somewhere it is because of the m2m technology that the internet is now called as Internet of Things. Inventories, point of sales, camera surveillance, smartwatches, mobile phones, and medical devices all come under the M2M category. Industrial routers have helped most of these machines in connection effectively.

History of M2M Routers

 It goes back to when in the 1990s the General Motors installed an in-car communication system. GM used M2M routers technology for transporting the information from one machine to another. Later in 2009, some of the huge telecommunication companies like AT&T and Jasper Wireless combined to introduce m2m models. The mergers keep getting involved in bringing better solutions. Ford is the next name that joined AT&T to build an m2m channel for communications from within the cars.

 Applications of M2M Router:

 There are many applications of m2m, we will mention some of the biggest where industrial wireless modems & routers are used:

 The retail industry

 We all have visited the restaurant where orders are taken on tablets. The order taker would just click on the touchscreen and a receipt gets printed back in the kitchen where the order is prepared. All of this is possible because of the M2M router which helps the machines to communicate. Point of sale software has eased the retail industry very much. Departmental stores work in the same way, bar code scanner scans the items, computer clicks enter, and the printer prints the bill, this is the simplest example of M2M.

Industrial wireless Modems & Routers in the Transport Industry

Calling a cab, booking a ticket, tracking your ride, or communicating from the vehicle, all come under the application of M2M routing. A lot of money and time is saving by machine to machine communication. The processes are so easy that anyone can perform them and get facilitated.

 The medical industry and M2M Routers

 Let’s skip all the expensive machines which are obvious to have been following m2m models, there are watches that you wear on your wrist and all your day’s activities can be tracked on your mobile phone.

We can expect to see more innovations involving m2m routers. Industrial wireless routers can play an important role in reshaping the industry.