Intercel’s m2mAIR Cloud is a secure and scalable M2M Cloud service for connected products, machine-to-machine and Internet-of-Things (IOT) devices like industrial 4G LTE modem routers, 4gx modem routers managed by our team of professional software developers. Our M2M Cloud Service Platform provides a growing library of technical content and resources.

Intercel’s m2mAIR Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that provides all that’s needed to build your own m2m/IoT solutions – from prototyping through to deployment. It’s powered by the popular deviceWISE Application Enablement Platform, which makes it easy to develop customized Web-based apps, mobile apps and dashboards. In addition m2mAIR Cloud enables seamless integration with enterprise-systems for big data analytics.

Features include comprehensive management and configuration capabilities for all your devices and data transfers – from basic entry-level solutions to full-scale enterprise-grade deployments around the globe.