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  • 4GX modem router ToughSam
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Intercel’s ToughSAM is an Industrial-grade, MIL-Spec 4G Ethernet Router intended for use in harsh environmental conditions.

The modem router is rated IP67 and achieves industrial certification in terms of vibration and shock.

The ToughSAM performs data communication functions between a wired Local Area Network (LAN) and the WCDMA 3G/LTE 4G cellular network (Wide Area Network WAN). It accesses the World Wide Web through the 3G/4G network.
Its environmental qualities, notably its wide temperature range of operation, its robustness and throughput performances, makes it a perfect tool for industrial application like metering, telemetry or security monitoring.

Ratings Requirements:

  • Outdoor IP67 rated, corrosion resistant enclosure, B117 Salt, Fog, and Rust resistance
  • Operational vibration & shock. IEC60721-3-4
  • Ruggedized Aluminium Alloy Casing, powder-coated.
  • Ethernet Connectors (Outdoor Rated, IP67 Supported)
  • RF Connectors, MAIN & DIV Port (Outdoor rated, N-Type connector, IP67 Supported)
  • MIMO feature for HSPA+ and LTE connection
  • Power Supply Connectors (Outdoor Rated, IP67 Supported)
  • Light truck / Heavy truck power supply support (9-32V DC)
  • Status Indication (3 LED’s: Power/4G Registration/WAN Status)
  • DHCP server, DNS, NAT, port forwarding, VPN, HTTP, RIP, APN, NTP
  • Web based interface, Firmware upgrade via HTTP, SIM card management
  • OpenVPN features and secure IPSec functionality
  • Remote access feature through DDNS function
  • Built-in SMS functionality


Operating Voltage 9-32V DC (12V light trucks, 24V heavy trucks)
Power Supply Input Outdoor Rated, IP67 connector
LED Indication 3 LED indicator (Power, LAN status, WWAN)
Antenna Connectors Outdoor-rated, N-Type connector with dust cap
LAN Port 10/100Mbps Ethernet Port Outdoor-rated, IP67, with caps for dust/water protection
SIM Connector Existing Slide SIM tray (Cover & rubber hold)


Radio Frequency (RF) Band Supported

GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz


1900MHz – Band II

850MHz – Band V*

800MHz – Band VI

900MHz – Band VIII

LTE 2100MHz – Band I


1800MHz – Band III

2600MHz – Band VII

900MHz – Band VIII

800MHz – Band IIX

*Note: 850MHz will be available in future release.


Physical Specification

Dimensions 122 x 120 x 81 mm
Mounting 4 Mounting Holes / Bolts which enable unit to be mounted on the flat surface. Mount bracket can be removed for table-top operation.


Environmental Specification

Operating Temperature -30 to 60 Degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature -40 to 85 Degrees Celsius
Operating Humidity 5-95%
Electrostatic Discharge EN61000-4-2 Air +/- 15kV, Contact +/- 8kV
Enclosure Outdoor IP67 rated, corrosion resistant enclosure, B117 Salt, Fog, and Rust resistance
Operational Shock



IEC60721-3-4, Class 4M4



Operational Vibration IEC60721-3-4, Class 4M4
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