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3G Modem Routers


Industrial M2M & IoT 3G Modem Routers

Intercel offers a range of 3G Industrial USB Modems, 3G Industrial Serial modems and 3G routers. While these solutions still work with the 3G network, many Telcos are reallocating resources to focus on the 4G network instead. This means that you will see worse coverage with a 3G modem than with a 4G modem, and that your solution will be less future proof. The majority of our 4G modems all include support for the 3G network.

We recommend using our industrial 4G modems or industrial 4G routers, namely the SAM4, SAMX, eSAM or Ultra eSAM in place of 3G equipment. These modems support current 4G technologies including 4GX, which will give you the best performance possible in terms of range and throughput. For legacy customers, we still offer the 3G eSAM as a solution for those with equipment already in place that they don’t want to upgrade or those with specific hardware requirements.

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