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Industrial M2M & IoT Antennas

Intercel offers a range of antennas designed to be used with our modems. These include antennas suited for M2M, antennas suitable for mounting to waterproof enclosures, antennas suited for automotive applications and antennas designed for maximum range when reception is limited. Our antennas support Band 28 and are suitable as 4GX Antennas.

We offer telco antennas in a range of form factors. These include roof-mounted antenna’s for areas with limited reception, magnetic antennas that can be attached temporarily without modifying any equipment, hockey-puck style antennas with waterproofing and adhesive patch antennas that can be attached using adhesive.

Our range of telecom antennas also includes patch antennas suited for Vehicular use. These antennas can be attached to the windscreen of your vehicles to improve reception. For automotive use, we also offer GPS antennas, so you can track your vehicles.

We also offer multi-mode and MIMO antennas. These antennas fit multiple elements into a single case, such that one antenna can provide dual 4G, GPS and Wi-Fi all in the same antenna.

All our 4G antennas support the 700 MHz Band (Band 28). This band is critical for performance on the Telstra network, as is the frequency band powering ‘4GX’.

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