EMS31-US Module (LTE Cat.M1) AT&T

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Thales's Cinterion® EMS31 is the industry's first LTE Cat. M1 Module tailored for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications. 


It takes efficiency and simplicity to new levels, delivering LTE for Machine-Type-Communication (MTC) and advanced power-saving technology to enable battery life of 10+ years.


The Cinterion IoT module features power-optimized performance and speeds of up to 300 kbps downlink and 375 kbps uplink.


The EMS31 is the first IoT solution based on a dedicated LTE Cat. M1 chipset offering low-power, wide-area (LPWA) technology for extended coverage, including improved in-building and in-ground penetration.


It is capable of supporting more than 10 frequency bands from a single hardware device, which eliminates the need for multiple variants providing simplified global deployment and a fast time to market.

LTE-M networks co-exist with 2G, 3G and traditional 4G networks, allowing easy evolution while ensuring the same security and privacy.


The Cinterion EMS31 is ideal for low-power, low-bandwidth use cases not dependent on speed, but rather requiring network longevity and improved indoor coverage such as smart grid, agriculture, fleet, asset tracking, smart city applications, healthcare solutions and industrial sensors.

Sharing the same stable footprint as existing Cinterion products in the industrial family, the EMS31 offers multi-design capability and enables easy migration between existing and future standards.



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