Best 4G LTE Routers in 2023

Best 4G LTE Routers in 2023

Sep 22 2023

The Internet, like the rest of the universe, is rapidly expanding. Today, the internet isn't just a luxury; it's a lifeline that fuels our work, leisure, and everything in between. But what if you're venturing beyond the city limits, working remotely from the heart of the wilderness, or managing industrial operations in the middle of nowhere? Meet the superheroes of the digital age – 4G LTE routers.

What makes a 4G LTE modem router the BEST option? Well, it kicks off with blazing-fast speeds that bring you internet connectivity on par with speedy Ethernet broadband connections. But that's not all. A top-notch 4g LTE router lets you create a wireless LAN that can handle the demands of multiple devices without a hitch. To top it off, the best 4G Modem router with a SIM card slot Australia will support user-friendly controls and access interfaces, making it a breeze to customize your network settings just the way you like.

Here is the countdown of the Best 4G LTE Routers in 2023.

1. eSAM 4G LTE Router

Need a router that's as comfortable in a bustling office as it is in the rugged terrains of a construction site? Introducing eSAM Best 4G LTE Modem Router– a pint-sized powerhouse designed for industrial M2M/IoT applications. This 4g LTE router isn't just about surfing the net; it's about bridging the gap between remote devices and the digital world.

Features include:

Potent 4G LTE Connectivity:From lightning-fast downloads to seamless video streaming, the eSAM router's robust 4G LTE connectivity ensures your data travels at warp speed.

Built for the Wild:With an industrial-grade enclosure boasting an IP30 rating, this LTE modem router stays active even in harsh environments.

Mount Anywhere, Conquer Everywhere:Whether it's on a wall, a pole, or wherever you fancy, the eSAM's multiple mounting options make it the MacGyver of routers.

Outsmarts Disruptions: The eSAM's embedded watchdog is like a loyal guard dog – it keeps a vigilant eye out for disruptions and swiftly restores the peace.

Networking Ninja:Two Ethernet ports mean you're never short of connections, and that GPS? Consider it your digital compass.

Cloud Control Center:Remote monitoring, SMS notifications, and a whole bunch of other tricks up its sleeve – the eSAM's onboard software is the control center of your dreams.

Fort Knox for Data: With support for IPsec, PPTTP/L2TP, GRE/IPIP, DMVPN, and OpenVPN, your data's security is a top priority.

2. ToughSAM Industrial-Grade 4G LTE Router

When you think of an industrial-grade LTE modem router, you'd probably envision a robust, weather-defying beast. That's exactly what the Intercel’s ToughSAM Industrial-Grade 4G LTE Router is. Designed to thrive amidst the harshest conditions, it's a dependable partner for industrial applications.

Features include:

Weather-Warrior: Rain, shine, or anything in between – the ToughSAM's IP67-rated enclosure laughs at adversity.

Network Neutrality: It's not just about 4G LTE; this router is multilingual, and fluent in 3G and 2G, ensuring you're never lost for words.

Ports that Pack a Punch: Ethernet connectors? Check. RF connectors? Check. Power Supply Connectors? Check. This router's packing some serious connectivity artillery.

MIMO Magic: HSPA+ and LTE connections are boosted with MIMO technology, ensuring your data journey is smoother than a jazz tune with this best mobile broadband modem.

Power to the People (and Devices!): Thanks to Power-Over-Ethernet, powering up devices like IP cameras is a walk in the park.

3. Ultra eSAM 4G Wi-Fi Router?

Imagine a router that's not only a connectivity wizard but also brings Wi-Fi magic to the table. The Ultra eSAM 4G Wi-Fi Router combines the benefits of 4G LTE connectivity with Wi-Fi capabilities, making it an excellent choice for industrial applications requiring real-time data connectivity.

Imagine a router that's not only a connectivity wizard but also brings Wi-Fi magic to the table. The Ultra eSAM 4G Wi-Fi Router combines the benefits of 4G LTE connectivity with Wi-Fi capabilities, making it an excellent choice for industrial applications requiring real-time data connectivity.

Features include:

Connectivity Champion: The Ultra eSAM combines 4G LTE muscle with the finesse of 1 LAN and 1 LAN/WAN port – perfect for when options matter.

Tough on the Outside: Its rugged design, backed by an IP30 rating, ensures it's as durable as it is dynamic.

Flexible One: Whether you're wired or wireless, this best 4G Modem Australia has you covered with two Ethernet ports and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Location Matters: Integrated GPS means you'll always know where you are, digitally speaking.

Master of Security: Supporting various tunneling protocols, this router turns security into an art form.

4. VisionSAM Cellular Modem Router?

The Intercel VisionSAM Cellular Modem Router doesn't just provide connectivity; it's a vision of what's to come. Built to brave the elements, this router brings speed and reliability to the great outdoors. Designed to withstand the elements, this best 4G Modem Router delivers high-speed connectivity in even the most remote locations.

Features include:

Speedy Downloads: With download speeds up to 14.4 Mbps (3G) and 50-100 Mbps (4G), your data moves at lightning speed.

Weather Warrior Redux: This router's polycarbonate case, UV-stabilized for outdoor use, takes on elements like a seasoned warrior.

Power Play: Power-Over-Ethernet means devices like IP cameras and VOIP phones can thrive without additional power connections.

Guardian of Data: OpenVPN, PPTP client, and IPSecVPN functions ensure your data's privacy and security.

Anywhere, Anytime: Whether it's remote sites, construction zones, or container ports, this router's your go-to connection companion.

The Grand Comparison

Here's a quick snapshot of our Best 4G LTE Modem Routers in 2023:

Router Model Superpower Ruggedness Connectivity Wi-Fi Magic GPS Guide Cloud Connection
eSAM 4G LTE Mightiness YES Dual Punch No Doubt True North Cloud Commander
ToughSAM Battle-Hardened Stamina YES Triple Play No Fuss Not Needed N/A
Ultra eSAM Connect & Conquer YES Dynamic Duo Yes Location Ace Yes
VisionSAM Outdoor Visionary YES Fast & Furious No Lost Signals No Lost Signals N/A
How To Choose the Best 4G LTE Router?

To pick the finest 4G router for your use case, consider a few important aspects. For example, you'll need to choose where to put the router and whether you need a backup wireless network for your home or business or for traveling. Find out what the best Wi-Fi signal in your region has to offer as a possible next step. If you have 5G connectivity, this extends your over-the-air Wi-Fi options.?

Here are the key factors to keep in mind while purchasing the best 4G LTE modem routers.

1. Assessing Your Internet Needs

Begin by identifying your Internet usage patterns. Are you a heavy streamer, an online gamer, or primarily a web surfer? Understanding your data requirements will guide you toward a router that offers the necessary bandwidth.

2. Checking Network Coverage

Even the most advanced router won't be effective if it lacks strong network coverage in your area. Consult coverage maps provided by cellular providers to ensure the router you choose will work optimally.

3. Considering Device Capacity

Determine the number of devices that will connect to the router. Smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and other smart devices all count. Choose a router with sufficient device capacity to avoid slowdowns.

4. Evaluating Extra Features

Different routers offer various additional features. If you require advanced security, look for routers with built-in VPN support. If you need wired connections, opt for routers with Ethernet ports. Carefully evaluate these features based on your requirements.

The Final Verdict

In a world where staying connected isn't just a convenience but a necessity, these 4G LTE routers at Intercel emerge as the unsung heroes. They're more than devices; they're essential, keeping us in touch with what matters, no matter where we are. Whether you're scaling mountains, taming data in a concrete jungle, or connecting the dots in the vast expanse, these routers are your trusty companions in the quest for connectivity.

So, which one's your sidekick on this digital adventure?

4G LTE Router FAQs
Q: What is a 4G LTE router, and how does it differ from a regular Wi-Fi router?

Answer: A 4G LTE router is a specialized device that uses the 4G LTE cellular network to provide high-speed internet connectivity. Unlike regular Wi-Fi routers that rely on wired connections or fixed broadband, the best 4G router uses cellular signals to create a wireless network, making it suitable for areas with limited wired infrastructure or for on-the-go connectivity.

Q: Can I use a 4G LTE modem router for my home network?

Answer: Yes, you can use a 4G LTE router for your home network, especially if you live in an area with inconsistent or slow traditional internet options. It can serve as a backup connection or as a primary source of internet, offering reliable and fast speeds for streaming, online gaming, and general browsing.

Q: What is the advantage of using a 4G LTE router for remote locations or outdoor setups?

Answer: The main advantage of using the best 4G LTE modem router in remote locations or outdoor setups is its ability to provide internet connectivity where traditional wired options are unavailable or impractical. These SIM card routers are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for construction sites, outdoor events, and temporary setups.

Q: How do I choose the right 4G LTE router for my needs?

Answer: When choosing a 4G LTE router, consider factors such as network compatibility (3G, 4G, 5G), the number of supported devices, maximum download and upload speeds, and additional features like external antenna ports, Ethernet ports, and security protocols. Assess your usage requirements and the coverage quality in your area before making a decision.

Q: Can I use a 4G LTE router with my existing SIM card, or do I need a specific data plan?

Answer: Most 4G LTE modem routers like Intercel’s are compatible with standard SIM cards from mobile carriers. However, it's recommended to check with your carrier to ensure that your plan supports using a SIM card in a router and to understand any potential data usage limitations or additional fees associated with using a router on your plan.

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