Using the UltraSAM3TG as an SMS Gateway for ClearSCADA PLC

Jul 02 2015

The SMS Gateway function is available only on UltraSAM3TG series modem. Please ensure that the feature is requested upon purchase.This new feature is available on firmware release version V1.0.6.

To activate and use this feature, please follow the setup guide below:

I. Activate the 3G Connection on the UltraSAM3TG:

1. Open your UltraSAM3TG internet browser and type in to login to the UltraSAM3TG admin page.
2. Set your 3G operator Access Point Name (APN) details by navigating to Internet Setting > Network Setting and click “Save”
3. Additionally, please set the NTP/Local time to your preference (GMT Offset) by navigating to Applications > NTP and scroll down to select the GMT offset of your choice. Save the setup configuration.
4. Disable the SMS function on the GUI and type in your operator SMS Center number. Navigate to Application > SMS > Setup. Type in 1 under TCP and UDP Port Redirect. Click on “Save”
5. Disable the GPS Function. Navigate to Application > GPS (Note: By default GPS function is disabled).

II. Set the SMS parameter on your ClearSCADA PLC

1. Configure your ClearSCADA SMS settings by using:
IP Address :
Port : 23
Example below using a “”ClearSCADA 2013 R1.1″ and “”ClearSCADA 2013 R1.2”.


Note: This feature was tested on Schneider-Electric ClearSCADA PLC above.


Additionally, if you do not have ClearSCADA PLC yet with you, you can test the SMS feature by opening a Telnet session in your MS-Dos prompt, using the Router Gateway IP address


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