SAM3G-USB in Linux Environment

Jul 29 2015

I. Overview/Introduction This procedure aims to demonstrate in using the SAM3G-USB as your internet gateway in a Linux System. SAMG-USB modems present several logical ports to the operating system when they interact with installed drivers....

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Using the UltraSAM3TG as an SMS Gateway for ClearSCADA PLC

Jul 02 2015

The SMS Gateway function is available only on UltraSAM3TG series modem. Please ensure that the feature is requested upon purchase.This new feature is available on firmware release version V1.0.6. To activate and use this feature,...

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Intercel Moving Forward

Jun 17 2015

There are not many companies in the Machine to Machine space that have been in business for more than 25 years. Intercel will in fact be celebrating 27 years in September. There has to...

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UltraSAM4W Remote SMS Administration

Jun 03 2015

The recently developed remote SMS administration feature enables the user to control and manage the UltraSAM4W thru the use of SMS commands. This feature reduce onsite visits and save costs using advanced diagnostics and...

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Using the UltraSAM to Control the Robot Arm

May 15 2015

USB port on UltraSAM can be used to control this robot arm. I will demonstrate you how to control it in python. What you need: OWI Robot Arm: OWI Robot Arm USB Interface: ...

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Cross Compile Python 2.7.3 for UltraSAM Platform

Nov 20 2014

If you want to just use Python for UltraSAM, it is here. 1. Setup cross compiler Download and install Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit Edition Note: Theoretically, other Linux distribution should also work. In this document, Ubuntu 12.04...

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