Intercel’s Remote Weight Monitoring System (RWMS) provides a reliable, remote monitoring of weight and scale information, as and when needed. This feature is specially designed for industries that requires weight information as a telemetry or monitoring parameter, i.e. Remote Monitoring of liquid tanks/rain catchments.

Using the latest cellular technology as its communication backbone, the system consists of a 150Kg electronic and scalable weight scale, sensor controller circuit, and a 3G/4G modem/router. A customer supplied, optional 12Vdc off-grid solar kit to provide the necessary power supply.

Intercel’s RWMS is designed to achieve simplicity and ease of use for user/operators. The weight data can be collected and read in three ways:

1. Using a TCP/IP program installed on a remote PC.
2. Via an app using your 3G/4G smartphones
3. Via 2G Circuit-Switch Data (CSD) call (network supported)

Additionally, control and administration of the 3G/4G modem/router can be done via SMS. Among the information that can be collected remotely are:

  1. instantaneous or current weight measure of the scale
  2. General Location of the system (via dedicated GPS or Mobile-Assisted location update)
  3. Status and configuration parameters of the 3G/4G modem/router.
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