• PLS8 4G LTE Wireless Module

PLS8 4G LTE Wireless Module

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PLS8 4G LTE Wireless Module

Cinterion® PLS8 4G LTE wireless module is an industrial 4G cellular module for worldwaide M2M IoT applications with GPS.

GPS Support

The Cinterion PLS8 offers GPS capabilities with three antennas for cellular diversity and concurrent GPS tracking.

Fallback to 2G

With Dual or Quad-band GSM/GPRS (refer datasheet) the module offers fall back 2G networks, thereby making the unit suitable for use in Australia and overseas.

Industrial Design

An operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C ensures that the PLS8 4G LTE wireless module provides a rugged reliable design choice for demanding M2M applications.

Future proof and Multi Design Capability

Extreme durability, long life components and a unique LGA form factor compatible with past and next generation wireless modules ensures easy migration between wireless standards from a single design as technology needs evolve.

IoT Optimized Power Management

An advanced power management system delivers fast shut down and wake up capabilities helping while an intelligent single-sided design improves heat dissipation and extends battery power making it ideal for remote applications with wide temperature ranges.

Maximum MNO Flexibility

The PLS8 and its variants, PLS8-E, PLS8-US, PLS8-J, PLS8-X and PLS8-V, supports multiple Mobile Network Operators including AT&T, TMobile and Verizon from a single variant. Depending on activated SIM/MIM, correct network configurations are automatically detected and activated. In addition, 2G and 3G connectivity is also supported for maximum roaming capability.



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