• PH8-P 3G IoT wireless module

PH8-P 3G Wireless Module – Telstra Approved

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PH8-P 3G Wireless Module

Cinterion® PH8-P 3G wireless module is an industrial 3G cellular module for M2M IoT applications with board to board connector and GPS.

Board to Board Connector

Utilising and 80 Pin board to board connector makes the units simply to service in the field and ideal for small production runs where there is an advantage to adding the module at a late stage in the build.

Telstra™ Approved

The PH8-P variant is approved by Telstra.

GPS Support

The Cinterion PH8 offers GPS capabilities with three antennas for HSPA diversity and concurrent GPS tracking

Fallback to 2G

With Quad-band GSM/GPRS the module offers fall back 2G networks, thereby making the unit suitable for use in Australia and overseas.

Industrial Design

An operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C ensures that the PH8-P G wireless module provides a rugged reliable design choice for demanding M2M applications.

Full Voice Support

The PH8-P 3G wireless module includes best-in-class analog audio processing which allows quick & easy audio implementation.

Three Antenna Connectors

Two antenna connectors enable diversity support, so PH8 provides improved data speed even under fluctuating 3G network conditions. The GPS antenna path is optimized for elimination of blanking on GPS for a consistent performance.



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