BGS12 Global 2G Module

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Performance and Cost Optimised 2G

Thales's Cinterion® BGS12 wireless IoT Module demonstrates continued commitment to supporting the mature, yet top-rated 2G networks for IoT applications. 

The BGS12 has been crafted to provide an extensive feature set, addressing the cost and technology demands of large scale IoT deployments. 

The BGS12 offers reliable 2G connectivity, full voice capabilities, high-speed GPRS data (Class 12) and best-in-class low power consumption.

The popular LGA design offers a well-established, proven footprint perfectly suited to the needs of small, high-volume devices with a focus on reliable and efficient manufacturing processes. 

It is an exceptional, cost-effective 2G choice for any low bandwidth IoT application with the scope to evolve across evolving networks as the footprint is compatible with a multitude of Cinterion modules. 

The module delivers Quad-Band GSM/GPRS with intelligent power saving-features, jamming detection, an analogue audio interface and a dual SIM interface for smart network switching.

There's more.

The BGS12 also supports the popular informal network scan feature offering information on the best available network, ideal for high-reliability applications.

The module's intelligent design concept allows seamless migration to other cellular technologies within a contiguous design framework to assure long-lasting, future-proof IoT applications. 

As with all Cinterion modules, BGS12 includes full type approval (FTA) and certification for use with the most significant global carriers.

This BGS12 IoT device is part of a broader range of IoT products offered by Thales.



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