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EMS31-US Module (LTE Cat.M1) AT&T

Thales's Cinterion® EMS31 is the industry's first LTE Cat. M1 Module tailore...

intercel EMS31-US Module (LTE Cat.M1) AT&T EMS31-US Module (LTE Cat.M1) AT&T
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75 out of 95 based on 45 user ratings
Stanckgroup - by , April 1, 2011
1/ 5stars
Best industrial 4G LTE modem routers manufacturers. it.
EMS31-V (LTE Cat.M1) Module Verizon

Thales's Cinterion® EMS31 is the industry's first LTE Cat. M1 wireless modul...

intercel EMS31-V (LTE Cat.M1) Module Verizon EMS31-V (LTE Cat.M1) Module Verizon
$0.00 In stock
75 out of 95 based on 45 user ratings
Stanckgroup - by , April 1, 2011
1/ 5stars
Best industrial 4G LTE modem routers manufacturers. it.

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Product Features

Rich VPN Protocols

Supporting the most commonly used VPN protocols IPsec, PPTP/L2TP client, GRE/IPIP, VPDN, DMVPN and OpenVPN.

Easy to setup VPN tunnel

User friendly GUI allows quick set up and activation of your required VPN protocol.

2G/3G/4G/5G Connectivity

Supporting a range of network cellular connectivity from 2G Data to 5G Applications and Services

Access to Remote

Reliable connection to industrial machines on third-party sites or remote locations. Supports remote system monitoring, remote diagnostics, remote configuration and firmware updates over the air.

Robust Industrial Design

Industrial designed rugged enclosure with IP30 rating to operate in harsh and remote locations

Connection status overview

Real time online/offline connection status of device and features. Cloud service allows remote management, monitoring and device activity health status

The fastest internet speed with 4G Modules

Internet speed used to be a big issue for the general public. We still remember the days when we used to wait for a video to buffer and play online. Then there were days when downloading something would take days. Now, the time is changed. The innovation of 4G modules has helped in solving internet speed related issues. Intercel provides the latest in the market 4G modules. Here are some of our models with specifications:

GSM 4G LTE Module PLS62-W Worldwide Coverage

PLS62-W is designed for industrial usage. It functions as a connectivity module with multi-band LTE. The best part about this 4G module is that it has a fallback for 2G and 3G. If 4G signals are week and the internet is working slowly, this device can be switched to 3G or 2G for a better internet. This device supports multiple networks e.g. Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G Plus.

The temperature compatibility of PLS62-W is also very great. The temperature ranging from -40° to +90° is bearable by this device. Manufactured using the latest technologies this device is part of the Cinterion Industrial plus Family.

ELS61 4G Wireless Modules – Telstra 4GX Approved

The second 4G module Intercel provides is ELS61. From all 4G IoT modules, this one is the most secure. The temperature range of this 4G module is -40° to +90°. The coverage of this device is expanded by configuring it for 3G fallback. Because of the wide coverage range, the users won’t feel an internet hitch.

The latest security measures are taken for this device, therefore, protecting the flow of data to and from this wireless set. A secure layer known as Firmware over the Air is made for a reliable TCP/IP connectivity.

PLS8 4G LTE Wireless Module

This 4G IoT module comes with an embedded GPS. Specialized for M2M IoT applications the PLS8 is most compatible with industrial use. You can track the locations of the machines connected through this device. It also comes with 2G fallback for the maximum coverage of the internet.  The temperature range is the same as of the ELS61. The device is extremely durable and solid. It can last years. There will be no need to shift to another device because of the past and future technology supports in the PLS8 4G IoT module.

Mobile network operators are also supported in PLS8 and its variants depending on the SIM being used. The required settings are automatically configured and installed. Other than that for 2G and 3G connectivity is also available in PLS8 and it's variant for the maximum roaming capability.

Internet speed did not grow overnight. Before we had 4G there were 2G and 3G. The introduction of 3G took the world by storm. For technology experts, 3G was like an initiative which led them to 4G modules and now we are all set for 5G module.