Customized Solutions

  • CTS

    Integrated Solutions – GSM, GPRS, 3G & 4G CTS Modem.

    The GSM, GPRS, 3G & 4G CTS modems are available in a variety of models. All models include a sealed enclosure made of fire retardant ABS material, and incorporate either the Fastrack, Smart SAM2W or eSAM Modem. The turn- key solution is easy to install and provides an easy alternative to traditional PSTN communication paths. Along with a 3dB gain antenna, the CTS is powered by a 240V AC linear power supply.  Switch-mode power supplies and battery packs are also available.

  • Remote Monitoring Unit

    The Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) is a GSM/3G-based data acquisition and control unit capable of reading voltage/current values, discrete digital inputs and controlling discrete digital input & outputs.

    With the integration of the Remote Monitoring Unit into the electrical line feeds, the user should be able to remotely take accurate readings of the Voltage and Current parameters as and when required. Additionally, the RMU have the provision for defining upper and/or lower voltage/current thresholds for SMS Alerts. The unit shall be scalable in terms of the number of inputs & outputs. Additionally, the unit has a 230V AC switching Relay to control other devices. The unit will have a power supply of its own and should consume no more than 50Watts.

  • RWMS

    Intercel’s Remote Weight Monitoring System (RWMS) provides a reliable, remote monitoring of weight and scale information, as and when needed. This feature is specially designed for industries that requires weight information as a telemetry or monitoring parameter, i.e. Remote Monitoring of liquid tanks/rain catchments.

    Using the latest cellular technology as its communication backbone, the system consists of a 150Kg electronic and scalable weight scale, sensor controller circuit, and a 3G/4G modem/router. A customer supplied, optional 12Vdc off-grid solar kit to provide the necessary power supply.

    Intercel’s RWMS is designed to achieve simplicity and ease of use for user/operators. The weight data can be collected and read in three ways:

    1. Using a TCP/IP program installed on a remote PC.
    2. Via an app using your 3G/4G smartphones
    3. Via 2G Circuit-Switch Data (CSD) call (network supported)

    Additionally, control and administration of the 3G/4G modem/router can be done via SMS. Among the information that can be collected remotely are:

    1. instantaneous or current weight measure of the scale
    2. General Location of the system (via dedicated GPS or Mobile-Assisted location update)
    3. Status and configuration parameters of the 3G/4G modem/router.
  • ToughSAM

    Intercel’s ToughSAM© is an Industrial-grade, MIL-Spec 4G Ethernet Router intended for use in harsh environmental conditions.


  • VisionSAM

    The Intercel® VisionSAM is a versatile outdoor cellular modem router designed with weather resistant features making it an ideal solution for providing 3G and 4G connectivity in outdoor applications. The Intercel® VisionSAM delivers high download speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps (3G) and 50-100 Mbps (4G, Network-dependent). Additionally, Satellite feature is available upon request.