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The eSAM is a 4G LTE modem designed to provide a single remote device with inter...

intercel eSAM-4G-LTE-Router eSAM-4G-LTE-Router
$550.00 In stock
75 out of 95 based on 45 user ratings
Stanckgroup - by , April 1, 2011
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Best industrial 4G LTE modem routers manufacturers. it.
Ultra eSAM

Ultra eSAM is a robust 4G Wi-Fi Router for Industrial M2M/IoT applications....

intercel Ultra-eSAM Ultra-eSAM
$625.00 In stock
75 out of 95 based on 45 user ratings
Stanckgroup - by , April 1, 2011
1/ 5stars
Best industrial 4G LTE modem routers manufacturers. it.

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Product Features

Rich VPN Protocols

Supporting the most commonly used VPN protocols IPsec, PPTP/L2TP client, GRE/IPIP, VPDN, DMVPN and OpenVPN.

Easy to setup VPN tunnel

User friendly GUI allows quick set up and activation of your required VPN protocol.

2G/3G/4G/5G Connectivity

Supporting a range of network cellular connectivity from 2G Data to 5G Applications and Services

Access to Remote

Reliable connection to industrial machines on third-party sites or remote locations. Supports remote system monitoring, remote diagnostics, remote configuration and firmware updates over the air.

Robust Industrial Design

Industrial designed rugged enclosure with IP30 rating to operate in harsh and remote locations

Connection status overview

Real time online/offline connection status of device and features. Cloud service allows remote management, monitoring and device activity health status

Benefits of using Industrial Wifi router

Mobile phone users are not the only ones to enjoy the superfast 4G internet connection. An industrial wifi router can be connected to machines, laptops and other such machinery that supports internet connection by any means. There are hundreds of benefits of 4G internet and plenty of ways to start using the industrial 4G router. Some of the benefits are:

Industrial Wifi Routers are easy to share

The industrial areas are very roomy and need multiple internet connections and spot. wifi routers that Intercel manufactures are vast range and cover the area with maximum internet speed either the user is near to the device of sitting far. With one internet connection, you can connect multiple devices very easy to gain fast internet speed.

Available everywhere

Industrial Wifi routers serve the purpose of being available everywhere. Carrying the router where there is an electrical connection will do the job. Sometimes the industrial work carries at distant places. Communication is also necessary at these places. The router we provide works perfectly irrespective of the place these are installed at.

Perfect for temporary usage

As mentioned above the industrial 4G routers can be carried along to far off places. For events, seminars, trips, camping and other such purposes it is easy and convenient to carry a 4G router along. Sometimes the number of people increases for such an event and the internet speed starts becoming a problem. The industry's routers can facilitate multiple users at the same time by providing the same level of efficacy.

Fast data processing by Industrial 4G Router

The transfer of data within and outside the company becomes very fast upon the installation of 4G routers. The estimated speed is said to be 150 MBps.  As compared to normal wireless routers the speed of industrial 4G routers is three times faster. The connection made through these routers is also very stable. Intercel provides the best quality routers that can handle the rise and fall of the temperature.



It’s very common for a router to get hacked. We are talking about the traditional routers. Industrial 4G routers come with extra protection against hacking attacks and threats. The data transferred industrially can be very sensitive. You can count on Intercel for the security of your data. Our routers support L2TP, GRE, static routing and etc.

Manage bandwidth

The network speed can be measured accurately if you are using an industrial wifi router. Also, connected new users can be given metered bandwidth resources.

Real-time Signals and speed

Traditional devices can show dummy signal strength. Full signal strength means the internet speed should be the maximum. Whereas, in the case of traditional routing devices the maximum single strength is not directly proportional to maximum internet speed.

Intercel Industrial 4G routers show the real-time signal strength. If the signals are high the speed of the internet will be fast and vice versa. You can check the router for signals and place it where it catches the maximum signals.