Intercel Moving Forward

Jun 17 2015

There are not many companies in the Machine to Machine space that have been in business for more than 25 years. Intercel will in fact be celebrating 27 years in September. There has to be a reason for that, just as there has to be a reason why so many of the key people at Intercel are hitting 20 year plus personal milestones. The people at Intercel are committed to the company and the products we design, manufacture, supply and support, and so it is not surprising that so many of the modems we deployed 20 plus years ago are still performing perfectly today.

Times do change, 2G Networks are superseded by 3G, more functions are demanded and there is always a need for greater efficiency to lead to lower costs.

With the Telstra 2G network being switched off by the end of 2016, it is time to make some demands on Intercel. Ease of migration to 3G, more features, and why not lower prices!

The new Smart SAM3S and Smart SAM3T offer all of this.

To make the move to 3G easy, let’s start with the same form factor as the 2G SAM modems, add the Intercel Smart TCP Stack to make moving from dial up to IP simple, and CSD for where dial up is preferred and more features including FOTA, remote management and the remote terminal tool.

All of this from the same experienced team will ensure the reliability Intercel is renowned for. The only thing left is to contact Intercel for the details and price.

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