eSAM Cloud

Is a remote management and monitoring platform for eSAM and Ultra eSAM modems. It enables you to monitor the data usage, signal strength, software version and other vital settings of your modems.

eSAM Cloud is provided for free with any purchase of eSAM or Ultra eSAM. Please contact us to get your login details, and documentation on how to use the cloud service. The Cloud service does not require your device to be on a public IP Address, and works with any SIM card that has access to the internet.

eSAM Cloud allows you to track:

  • Data Usage
  • IP Address
  • Online/Offline Time
  • Firmware Version including remote upgrading
  • Modem Signal Strength
  • GPS Tracking (with Antenna installed)
  • Modem Configuration
  • Connectivity type (3G/4G/Wired)

Cloud monitoring increases your awareness of the hardware you have in the field and its status, while also reducing the workload of Sysadmin and Network Operations staff.