Proof of Concept

We already have reliable and widely-used products in 2G, 4G and Cat M1 which we can modify to create proof of concept solutions for your application. Before performing the full product design, we would produce a device with the same functionality using off-the-shelf components and PCB’s. Once you have verified the functionality you need and have tested the hardware, we can then go into full product design.

Intercel has 30 years of experience in the M2M industry. We can assist you with product design, allowing you to avoid pitfalls that would not be familiar to less experienced designers and increasing both the time to market and the quality of your final product. We have our own hardware designers, software engineers and manufacturing to ensure the product is delivered quickly without compromising on quality.

Software and Firmware

We have our own in-house software engineers with experience in Embedded Systems, including ARM-M0 and M4 class processors and Embedded Linux systems built on MIPs, ARM or other architectures. We also have experience in integrating 4G modules into embedded systems, and pre-existing relationships with module suppliers and telecom companies. This combined with our experience with AT commands and RF design makes us an ideal partner for designing Embedded systems with Cellular connectivity.


RF and Electrical Circuit Design

Intercel has designed products over the past 30 years based on 2G, 3G, 4G and Cat M1. We can design circuits with high reliability and with excellent reception. We have already proven design elements such as our power supply circuits, the layout of our modules and the design of our processors and their firmware. We can reuse these design blocks in your custom designs, which results in a more reliable product and a faster development time.


We have our own factory in Hong Kong which produces our modems. Because we own our own factory, we can provide reliable delivery dates and maintain quality control.