Ultra eSAM 4G LTE Modem

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Ultra eSAM 4G LTE Modem

Ultra eSAM is Intercel’s 4G Wi-Fi router for facilitating machine to machine or Internet of Things device communication. It is a secure and reliable solution for connecting to your industrial machines on distant and remote locations. It’s powerful cellular connectivity supports 4G and the device has two Ethernet ports, one to use as a LAN port and the other for a WAN/LAN connection which enable the Ultra eSAM to provide consistent data connectivity making down time a thing of the past. The Ultra eSAM’s robust industrial design means it has been built to deliver the best in performance even in extreme weather conditions to allow your work to remain unaffected. The device can withstand temperatures anywhere between -30 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius and its outer metal covering has an IP30 rating.

The Ultra eSAM also functions as an SMS gateway and can send AT commands over Ethernet via a Telnet session. Ultra eSAM can relay information to ClearSCADA – which is a software solution for telemetry and remote SCADA applications known for its flexibility and offered functionalities. The Ultra eSAM’s most notable feature includes its ability to connect to ClearSCADA and act as an SMS gateway while still functioning as the IP Gateway and simultaneously providing internet connection to wireless sensors and to wired devices over LAN connections.

Ultra eSAM 4G Modem

The   Ultra eSAM also features a standalone GPS and USB 2.0 port for additional storage or as an interface. Its advanced firewall improves security while its wide range of input voltages from a minimum of 5 VDC to a maximum of 36 VDC promotes usability. The Ultra eSAM is designed to receive firmware updates which Intercel plans to upgrade in the near future with additional communication protocols such as Modbus (RTU, ASCII, TCP/IP), DNP3 Client and the addition of a direct connection to the COM port via Serial RS232

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